Big Wedding, Small Budget

Hair Inspiration

on February 16, 2012

I am planning on wearing my hair down at the wedding. The only time I ever wear my hair up in real life is at the gym or when I am too lazy to blow dry it, and I want to look like myself on my wedding day. I know this is another thing that goes against more traditional wedding style, but there it is. If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, it’s good enough for me!

That said, I think it would be fun to wear a headband of some sort to dress it up a little (and anchor the veil, if I wear one). My hair is super fine and slippery, so I need a real, structured headband, not one of those fabric/ribbon things. Also, the “typical” bridal headbands don’t really appeal to me (big surprise). So, let’s see what’s out there…


I like this headband, although it is probably a little too bridal for me. I do think it’s around the right size, though.


I think this headband takes the “normal” bridal style and plays with it a bit. I’m afraid the metal would be too slippery or uncomfortable, though.


This is my favorite one so far. I love the idea of wearing color; my jewelry will probably be colorful, too. I’m just not sure I can accept the embellishment on the side of my head. It feels too much like all the headbands I wore in the 80s.


I love this, although the color of the metal is wrong. Is it too big? I guess it depends on the dress and the jewelry.

So far, I haven’t found anything that is just right, although this is a start. I know I won’t be picking anything out until I find my dress and my jewelry, but of course, it’s always fun to look!


3 responses to “Hair Inspiration

  1. I’m going to wear my hair down, too, for the same reasons. I think I would look weird with it up!

  2. omgbex says:

    i love the butterfly one! could you contact the etsy seller about making one with the right metal color?


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