Big Wedding, Small Budget

The Guest List

on February 20, 2012

Choosing the venue this weekend definitely made it real. As we took a tour, I could almost picture the wedding actually happening. And one thing that brought up was not just the breadth, but also the depth of our guest list.

I’ve talked before about how this will be a big wedding, in terms of the numbers. I have an enormous family, one where we keep in touch with everyone. Even though we have a relatively small budget, I always knew it was super important to celebrate with our families and friends. That’s just how we do things.

But. In all of the budget talk, and spending diets, and obsessive number crunching, it is easy to lament the big family, the long guest list, the complications that comes with it. With so many people, everything is more expensive. There have been a lot less venues that we could choose from. Wedding weekend events are way harder to figure out (I’m not even tackling that one for a while). And all of those cute DIY ideas? When you multiply them by 250, they just seem like an impossible amount of work.

Then, I wandered around our beautiful venue, picturing all of the people from our guest list there. And, wow. In that moment, I realized how complex and rich our lives are, and how our wedding will reflect that.

We’ll be inviting people from the US, UK, Germany, and Hungary. Our invitations will be traveling as far domestically as Washington, Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Chicago. We’ll be inviting friends we have had for decades, as well as some we’ve only known for a couple of years. Our families will (hopefully) be celebrating with us, helping us move into this next phase of our lives. And our community here in Florida will also be there.

This is what a wedding is about, for us. We are so lucky to have such a wide, deep network of connections all around the world. The thought of them all coming together to the same place makes my heart sing. So the wedding will not just be about celebrating where we are going, it will be about celebrating where we have been as well.


3 responses to “The Guest List

  1. Becca says:

    definitely! one of the things i am looking forward to most is having people from so many parts of our lives in one place!

  2. maxxine Smith says:

    Oh Barbra, what beautiful thoughts you have written. I am so blessed to be your aunt Maxxine and my flute will be perfect in that venue;joining the birds and the gentle wind blowing through the grass. I can’t believe I have to wait a full year!

  3. Sarah says:

    Making the guest list was one of the hardest parts of wedding planning for me, for sure. Good luck with yours!


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