Big Wedding, Small Budget

Bouquet Alternatives – Paper Flowers

on February 23, 2012

I have been coming across lots of pictures of paper flowers in weddings lately, and some of them have really caught my eye. I probably won’t end up using these, for two reasons: 1) I am maybe the least crafty person alive and 2) Paper flowers probably wouldn’t end up being much cheaper, if at all, if I pay someone to do them. But they’re definitely pretty to look at, and a great idea for a twist on the traditional!


top left, top center, top right, bottom right, bottom center, bottom left


3 responses to “Bouquet Alternatives – Paper Flowers

  1. Becca says:

    I am making origami bouquets. I am not great at origami but the kusudama ones are pretty easy to make, but definitely time consuming!

  2. phyllis says:

    If you go to you may be surprised at the prices!


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