Big Wedding, Small Budget

Wedding Planning Update…or not

on March 1, 2012

Things I have gotten done in the past few weeks of wedding planning:

Absolutely nothing.

I have accomplished nothing. I have not booked a photographer, I have not made a website, I have not found save-the-dates. I have not actually planned anything.

And that’s ok. Although I love crossing things off of my to do list, I have found that sometimes, the best way for me to handle wedding planning is to not allow myself to plan.

Let me explain. Our wedding is not for another year+. We have a venue and a caterer. So, truthfully, nothing else needs to be done right now. And I’ve been working to hold myself to that.

For example, I’ve decided that April is a realistic time to try to book a photographer. We have several friends/Emily in town this month, so meetings are just not going happen. April still gives us almost a full year. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself surfing the web, searching for affordable photographers. But—I didn’t need to be doing that. So, I stopped. And now, I am not allowed to even look for photographers until April.

The same thing with the website. I am not allowed to start working on it until I’m on spring break. It doesn’t need to be done any time before that, so it won’t be. Simple as that.

This approach may seem counterintuitive and maybe inefficient, but it is working beautifully for me. It has allowed me to spend time looking at wedding prettiness, following my blogs, reading and contributing to the Tribe, all without the pressure of decisions. The to do list has been put away in favor of a one thing at a time approach. The sleepless nights have pretty much stopped. That overwhelming feeling is dissipating.

There will be a time where wedding planning will have to be my number one priority. This is not that time. It took a lot of work to recognize that, but, man, does it feel good.


3 responses to “Wedding Planning Update…or not

  1. bex says:

    wow, you’re in GREAT shape! seriously, relax! when i was a year out, i still had 2 months before i’d be proposed to! 🙂

  2. Hayes says:

    I’m still waiting for the fun to begin…

  3. Lisette says:

    hey, i found your blog on weddingbee. Your planning is looking pretty damn good compared to mine. Our date is april 20 2013 and I haven’t done anything! Its intimidating! I’m actually dreading the wedding planning altogether hehehe.

    anyway, I’ve started a wedding blog of my own

    feel free to check it out…i just started which means i only have one post, but there will be more coming up 🙂


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