Big Wedding, Small Budget

Negative One

on March 22, 2012

Just about one year to go! (I’m cheating a little, since our real -1 anniversary is on Saturday, but you get the idea.)

The one year mark has made the planning that much more real, that much more urgent. I’ve felt like the past few months were bonus time; whatever we had done, we were ahead of the game. But now, we’re on an actual timeline. Now, things need to get done. I know this doesn’t really make sense since we were originally planning on an engagement of less than a year, but whatever. March 24, 2012 seems to be flipping a switch in my head.

So, where are we in the planning? Let’s see:

  • We have a venue.
  • We have a caterer.
  • I have a dress.
  • We have found an invitation that we like and I’ve done some research on the printing method we’ll use.
  • We have a pretty solid idea for the centerpieces.

It doesn’t seem like that much when it’s listed out, but I think we’re in really good shape. Remember, that was all bonus time!

I’m hoping to get lots of the detail-y stuff, like accessories and research/pricing (centerpieces, tableware, etc.) out of the way over the summer so that I won’t be overloaded when school starts. The fall will be a really busy time for me with school starting, additional supervisory responsibilities at my job, being an MOH in my friend’s wedding (Hi, Ali!), the High Holy Days, and Thanksgiving. I’m definitely trying to pace myself so that I don’t have too much on my plate. Since I won’t be working full time over the summer, it seems like the perfect time for the nitty-gritty stuff.

With that in mind, I have a few big projects I would like to get done over the next month or so (by May at the latest). They are:

  • Choose and set up a wed-site (pun intended).
  • Finalize guest lists and gather all of the email and postal addresses.
  • Set up hotel blocks.
  • Choose and email save-the-dates.
  • Make some bridal party decisions.
  • Choose and book a photographer.

So, some biggies. But having this short planning vacation has helped a lot. I feel refreshed and ready to get some things done. Keeping my timeline in mind and knowing that I don’t have to get everything done in the next month is really helping me avoid feeling overwhelmed. Setting parameters in my planning has been so valuable, and definitely a good lesson for the future.

I’m feeling really excited about this spring’s projects. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing the fruits of our labor soon!


2 responses to “Negative One

  1. I recommend I like their templates, they’re same-sex friendly, and have some pretty cool features!

    • Barbra says:

      I actually was thinking about using them! Do you know if they do email Save-the-Dates? It seems like they do, but I can’t see any info without setting up a website.


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