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Jewelry Ideas – Necklaces

on April 9, 2012

I love jewelry. I definitely get way more excited about shopping for necklaces and earrings than I do for clothes. Jewelry is just so pretty! And you can get so much use out of it.

So, of course I have been really excited about buying jewelry for the wedding. This is one area where I am planning on “splurging” (within budget, of course). What should be surprising to no one is that I’m not planning on going with traditional “bridal jewelry.” I’m looking for colorful, interesting, hopefully handmade jewelry, at least for my statement piece (not sure yet if that will be the necklace or earrings). I can rationalize spending extra money when that money goes to artisans and the jewelry will be worn again. I really look forward to wearing my bridal jewelry, enjoying it and remembering the wedding for years to come whenever I put it on.

Let’s start with necklaces. I’ve been looking around and I’ve definitely found some contenders:


I really like this necklace. It has different shades of blue, which is one of the colors I’m considering for the bridal party. It’s a little industrial looking, which I like. Also, it’s made of tagua, which is my new obsession. Tagua is known as “Amazonian ivory;” it’s a palm seed from the amazon which can be dyed with vegetable dyes and carved. It’s sustainable and helps support local artisans.


This necklace goes in a totally different direction. Steve loves dragonflies and we have lots of dragonfly stuff in our house, so it has meaning that way. And I just think it’s really pretty. It’s not really bold enough for wedding, though, if I decide to make the necklace my statement piece. But I could pair it with big earrings and it wouldn’t be too much, so it’s a good option for that kind of look.


I love how this necklace is multicolored. It means I can choose shoes without worrying about matching exactly (you didn’t think I’d be wearing white shoes, did you?). Living in Florida means we’re never too far from the ocean and I like how this necklace connects to that (it’s made of sea glass). But it might be a little too dainty for what I’m looking for. Like the necklace above, it would probably work better with bigger earrings.


Last but not least (for now), is this unusual necklace. I love this one so much; I might have to buy it even if it’s not for the wedding. This is from an Etsy seller who made another necklace I already own (and get a ton of compliments on). I love how different it is, and I really like the colors. I’m just not sure it’s the right shape for my dress; I might be looking for something wider, more horizontally shaped. But the great thing about Etsy is that I can speak to the artist about creating a custom piece, so that’s always an option.

I don’t know that I’ll end up with any of these specific pieces. But they’ve definitely given me a ton of ideas, and window shopping for jewelry, even on the internet, is super fun. I think, just like the dress, when I find the right piece, I’ll know. For now, it’s just fun to look!


2 responses to “Jewelry Ideas – Necklaces

  1. Becca says:

    I LOVE the sea glass one but they are all awesome!

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