Big Wedding, Small Budget

Dessert Options – Cupcakes

on May 14, 2012

If you’re not going to have a wedding cake, the first alternative that most people mention is cupcakes. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are delicious, easy to serve, and you could get them in a wide variety of flavors. I don’t love the typical “cupcake cake” presentation; visually, it just doesn’t appeal to me. But a table full of interesting looking cupcakes sounds awesome! And seriously, with cupcakes, interesting is the name of the game. Check these out:


Margarita cupcakes??? Sign me up…these sound delicious!


I think these are really cute, and they would great with the backdrop of our venue. They might be kind of hard to eat, though.


These totally remind me of the spin art we use to do as kids. I love it! But I’m not sure how feasible it would be for so many people, and it doesn’t really match anything else.


Pac Man cupcakes. These need no description.


So, I don’t love these, but I do love the idea of having insect cupcakes, or really insect anything, just as a nod to Steve’s profession.


I like these so much better! They are really cute, and look delicious. Plus, insects.


The truth is, if I did cupcakes at the wedding, it would probably look more like this. A table full of delicious, colorful cupcakes. Yum.

Hungry yet?


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