Big Wedding, Small Budget

Planning Update – May

on May 21, 2012

My mind is preoccupied with the small details right now. Planning has definitely started back up again! Since my last update, I have not gotten as much done as I’ve hoped, but now that things have calmed down, I’m jumping right back in. Here’s what I’m currently working on:

  • Save-the-Dates: We are definitely doing email save-the-dates. I think I’ve chosen the design we’ll use, and I’m itching to send them out! But first, a few other things need to happen:
  • Hotel Blocks: This is a little complicated. Our venue is about an hour away from home, in the middle of nowhere. But any other wedding weekend events (I’m not sure what those will be yet) will be happening at or close to our house. So right now, I’m thinking about getting one block closer to the venue, and a couple other blocks close to home. Before I can figure anything out, though, I need to go visit some hotels and check them out. Hopefully, that will be happening next weekend (right, Mom?). I definitely want to get this done before we send out the save-the-dates so our guests can start thinking about their travel (I know I’m not the only one who likes to plan ahead).
  • Website: I finally started working on this, and it’s almost done. It has to be finished before the save-the-dates go out, because I know it’s the first place people will go.
  • Guest List: Of course, this is the most important, and most difficult step. We’re still working on finalizing the list (this seems to be a never-ending process) and we’re collecting email addresses and postal addresses. There’s a team working on this (AKA my parents, Steve, and me), so it’s not totally under my control. But hopefully it will be done soon.

So. There are a couple of balls in the air right now. I’m super excited about sending the save-the-dates, which is the culmination of all of the other work. But it also makes me a little anxious. Because once those goes out, the wedding is really happening.

“I’m just so nervous. You know? And I’m also very excited. I’m nervous and I’m excited.” (Ten points to the one who can identify that quote!)


2 responses to “Planning Update – May

  1. Steven says:

    “10 Things I Hate About You”!! 10 points for Sleven!!


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