Big Wedding, Small Budget

Wedding Rings – Women’s

on May 31, 2012

I’ve really been going back and forth about the wedding ring I want*. I was planning to get a plain palladium white gold band from the same artist who made my engagement ring, thinking that I would wear both rings on the same hand. I had a blue topaz ring I wore for about 10 years on my right hand, and I was not giving that up.

Then, heartbreakingly, I lost my blue topaz ring. And it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I could still get the matching ring, and get another pretty ring for my right hand (I’ve been eyeing this one). Or, I could get an independent wedding ring. There are so many beautiful ones out there!

*It’s important to note that Jewish weddings require an unbroken gold band. In my family, we all get married with my great-grandmother’s ring, then wear our own afterwards. So, I don’t need to worry about that. Also, while I appreciate the sentiment of an unbroken eternal circle of love, I also like the symbolism of an imperfect ring, because love, and relationships, are imperfect.

source                        source

These rings are both from Turtle Love Committee. I grouped them together because aesthetically, they’re pretty similar. I like the shape and texture of both; like I noted above, I appreciate the symbolism of a handmade, imperfect, textured ring. Life is not always smooth, perfect, and easy, and I think these rings reflect that. Plus, they’re really pretty.


I had to include this ring; it’s so fun! I love that it has a sense of humor. But, it’s a little too flat for me; I tend to like rounded bands better. Also, I don’t know that it would be instantly recognizable as a wedding ring, and if I’m wearing a ring on its own, I’d like it to have that quality.


I think this ring is elegant and simple while still being interesting and different. It comes in different metals; I would definitely get white gold or sterling silver.


This ring also has that imperfect thing going on. I like the rose gold more than I expected, even though it does come in yellow and white. It might be too flat, but the width is about right.


I’m really interested in the idea of a wood wedding ring. First, I love mahogany. Second, all of the rings from this shop come from salvaged or found wood, so it’s eco-friendly. It’s the perfect shape and I think it would look beautiful next to my skin. It’s warm and organic. The only thing I’m worried about it the durability. I don’t want to have to worry about a ring I’m going to wear every single day; I’m just not that careful.



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