Big Wedding, Small Budget


on June 4, 2012

Everyone on Facebook has been watching and talking about the video of this proposal. It’s really cute and sweet; you should watch it too! The article talks about the man going on the Today show, discussing how his now-viral proposal has set the bar high for everyone else.

Um, no. I actually find this really disturbing, and I think it perfectly mirrors the aspirational aspect of wedding porn. The article states that both participants are actors, and that “they used to elaborate stunts.” So yes, this proposal is really great. It’s fun to watch and a lot of effort was put in. But at its core, it’s great because it matches the couple. It reflects who they are.

I also had a cute and sweet proposal. It was private, in a place that is special to us, and Steve’s daughter Emily was very involved. It was quiet and low-key, like us. It will never be on YouTube (nor would I want it to). It was perfect.

We need to stop putting pressure on men* to come up with these amazing, heart-stopping, over-the-top proposals. If you’re the right person, and the proposal is right for you and your partner, then it will be amazing and heart-stopping. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the Jumbotron at a baseball game or on your couch.

*I recognize that I am being hetero-normative and a bit chauvinistic with this statement, but for the majority of couples, the guy is still the one who proposes. If you’re in a lesbian relationship, or if you’re the woman in a straight relationship proposing, more power to you! But the pressure is still on the guys more than anyone else.



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