Big Wedding, Small Budget

Plugging Away

on June 18, 2012

Things have gotten done! Wedding planning is moving forward! Here’s what we’ve accomplished since the last update:

  • The guest list has been finalized! And is totally out of control! But I love it, and I’m so excited for all (or hopefully, most) of those people to celebrate with us.
  • The hotel has been chosen and the block discount has been set up. And I definitely feel good about our choice, even after the internal conflicts.
  • The website is finished, for now. More information will definitely be added once it gets closer to the wedding.
  • Save-the-dates are out! At least, the first round. I’ll have to follow up with some people who have not opened theirs yet, and a few need them snail-mailed, but for the most part, they’re done.

There are some things I’m super excited about doing but holding off for a little bit (mostly to wait until Emily is here):

  • Registry: I started a small one but have to go back to the store to finish it. Even though I have some mixed feelings about registering, actually doing it combines two of my favorite things: window shopping and list making. What could be better? I really don’t need any wedding presents (just having people come is more than enough), but just making the registry will be fun.
  • Veil: I’m planning to figure out the veil this summer, possibly using my mom’s, or possibly making my own (gasp). It could end up being my one crafty project for the wedding. I definitely want to include Emily, so I’m waiting until she is here in just a few short weeks(!).

So, after a long time with nothing happening, it’s been a productive and action-packed month. Of course there is a lot more to do this summer, but why bother listing the things I’m not excited about? I plan to focus as much as I can on the fun stuff to make this process as enjoyable as possible.



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