Big Wedding, Small Budget

Honeymoon Dreams

on June 25, 2012

Now that the save-the-dates have gone out, I’m in a little bit of a planning lull. There is nothing really big that needs to get done right now, and I’m waiting for Emily to get here to do some of the smaller things. I know I should enjoy this time because later on, things will be totally crazy. But of course, I can’t get the wedding completely out of my mind. Now that I’m on summer break, I find myself thinking more and more about honeymoons.

Just like our wedding, our honeymoon will not be, exactly, normal. Having a budget wedding means having a budget honeymoon, too, and I’m not really sure what our financial situation will be like at that point. Also, our honeymoon won’t be taking place right after we get married; Steve’s family will be in town, and the first Seder is literally the day after our wedding. Most likely, if we do take a honeymoon, it won’t be until the summer when I’m not working.

Steve and I haven’t even really begun to talk about what we want for a honeymoon. There are just some of the ideas rolling around in my head (especially on rainy days like this one):

  • Tulum, Mexico: I visited the ruins in Tulum on a cruise many years ago and they were beautiful. I know the town is starting to become a popular place for tourists to stay, not just to visit on a day trip. It’s definitely quieter and more off the beaten path than Cancun or Cozumel, which I like, and I think it’s pretty affordable.
  • Costa Rica: I know a bunch of people who have gone to Costa Rica and everyone loves it. I know it’s not too expensive, although I think the prices are rising with the popularity. I like the mix of adventure-y things and relaxing; I think that would be a good fit for us.
  • Nicaragua: This is more off the beaten path than Costa Rica right now, although it is just starting to become popular with American tourists. It has much of the same attraction as Costa Rica, but I think it would be even cheaper since it’s less developed and more of a new destination. I’ve heard the beaches are beautiful, and I’ve read online about people renting some pretty excellent vacation villas, which would be fun.
  • Spain: Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Spain. When I’m thinking about trips we could combine with visiting Steve’s family, this is the first one that pops us. It would be amazing to show Steve where I studied abroad and all of my favorite places. Galicia would be an especially romantic destination, I think. But I really want to honeymoon someplace that neither of us has ever been before.
  • Ireland: Ireland would be pretty easy to combine with a trip to England. And neither of us has been before. I think it would be really beautiful, and a nice break from the heat in summer.

So, those are the places I’m thinking about right now. Like I said, who knows if any of them will actually happen? There is so much to plan before we even get to the honeymoon. But it’s always nice to daydream, and travel is always my daydream of choice.

Any other recommendations?



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