Big Wedding, Small Budget

A Terrible Way to Spend a lot of Money

on July 9, 2012

“Indie” weddings seem to have become pretty popular lately, at least in the blog-o-sphere. But, what started out as people doing their own thing, deciding what they want for themselves in their weddings has quickly become a “style.” The “BIC” (blog-industrial complex) can, at times, be as pressure-inducing as the WIC. Anyone who, like me, spends too much time reading wedding blogs can easily fall prey to feeling like their wedding must be rustic, quirky, and beautiful, with antique typewriters, mason jars, old keys, and lots of bunting. And if you’re not crafty? If you don’t have a keen eye for fabulous finds in antique shops? Well, of course, there are companies happy to create the look for you! And with that, I bring you the $180.00 balloon. Seriously.

Geronimo balloon set from BHLDN

Ok, I lied. The 180 dollars actually buys you two balloons.

Granted, these balloons are quite large. And they do have pretty tails. But 180 dollars???? This just goes beyond any rational thought, at least in my world. The thing is, I don’t have a problem with spending money to have pretty things at your wedding, if that’s what you want. I don’t have a problem with choosing a theme (even if it rustic chic) and decorating with that in mind. But I do have a problem with companies that co-opt a homegrown, handmade aesthetic while charging WAY too much.

Also, I understand that my wedding will probably cost more than any other party I throw. But that doesn’t mean that I’m willing to pay more for specific things just because they’re for my wedding. Even though that’s the philosophy that the WIC operates by. A wedding is once in a lifetime event, right? So spend once in a lifetime money on everything? The WIC says yes. I say no.


One response to “A Terrible Way to Spend a lot of Money

  1. omgbex says:

    hahahaha, this is ABSURD!


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