Big Wedding, Small Budget

Invitations, Take Two

on August 27, 2012

Well, it seems that the time is coming up soon for us to think about ordering invitations. Even though I’m pretty sure about the design we want, it’s so fun to look around and see what’s out there! As opposed to the last post I wrote on invitations, these are not ones I am necessarily considering. But I love them anyway…

Stinkerpants designs

This is an example of a custom-designed invitation from Stinkerpants. They will literally create an invitation based on you and your life, with hand drawn pictures of you, on a background of your choice. And you can even include your pets like this couple did! Since our house has been such an important thing in our relationship, I would love to have an invitation with us in the living room (or maybe in front of the house) with Asha, Buttercup, and Consemilla. How cute would that be?

Royal Steamline

This invitation is so not us and so not our wedding, but I effing love it. It reminds me of the Haunted Mansion. I love the grittiness of the picture, I love the font, and I really love how evocative it is. If we were a more goth-y couple, or having a Halloween wedding, I would totally do this.

Sweetheart Shout Out

I think these are so cute. Yes, they are totally gendered; yes, they are totally heteronormative. But I’m in a heterosexual relationship with a fiancé who got down on one knee to propose, so who cares? I love how modern these are, and truthfully, their mood matches what we’re looking for at our wedding. Fun, lighthearted celebration. Plus, look at how excited the stick figure on the right is. How can you not feel excited when you see that?

Set Apart Designs 85

I love the wording on this invitation. It gives so much information? And I think it’s worded in a really fun way. Who doesn’t want fun and frivolity at a wedding? The mix of fonts is pretty, and I’m totally in love with the “under the magnolia tree” line. It really puts a picture in my mind. But I am also very easily overwhelmed visually, and it’s hard for me to read this invitation with skipping my eyes all around the page.

Inviting Moments

This is called the “cute owl” invitation, and it really is cute. I like the colors, and I really like the font. I love how the owls are on the address of the postcard RSVP and the return address label. The designer has really thought of everything! It’s simple but it definitely has personality.

Mallory Hope Design

I am absolutely in love with this invitation. It’s beautiful and elegant. I adore the touch of color (you can choose the color when ordering) and the grey background. I’m really into grey lately. This does not look like a printable invitation at all.

So, there you have it. Invitations that are not meant for our wedding. But they are meant for someone’s wedding, and why not have something pretty to look at on a dreary (in Florida, anyway) Monday?



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