Big Wedding, Small Budget

Other People’s Weddings, Part Two

on September 10, 2012

Ali and Jeremy’s wedding was the first one I’ve attended since getting engaged (and it will be the only one). So of course, my wedding was there in my mind the whole time. Going to the wedding of a super close friend is always intense. Going the wedding of a couple you are partially responsible for is even more intense. I felt so much joy and so much love standing there under the chuppah. And it wasn’t even my wedding!

The truth is, this felt like a small preview, and it made me so excited for our wedding. For the past couple of months, when people have asked if I’m excited, the answer is no. I mean, we took a long break from planning. And the wedding is still more than six months away. The truth is, I just can’t maintain such a high level of excitement for 15 months. Especially when we’re not doing anything to really get ready for it.

But then, I sat in the hotel suite with Ali and her bridesmaids while we were getting ready. And I saw how everyone was pulling together, laughing and bonding, even though we weren’t all friends before. And I saw how everyone ran around before the wedding making sure that everything was going to be perfect. And I saw how everyone, friends and family, were celebrating together, toasting to the bride and groom.

And suddenly, I could picture being surrounded by my friends and family in the days leading up to and at the wedding. I imagined all of my friends hanging out together. I could envision looking around the room (lawn?) and knowing everyone there, knowing they were there to celebrate us.

I thought about the intensity of emotion I felt while watching two of my closest friends get married to each other. I was so close to the core of this wedding; I was overwhelmed with joy and love and happiness. Realizing that I will feel all that, and even more, at my own wedding, how could I help but be excited?

So, here we go!


2 responses to “Other People’s Weddings, Part Two

  1. phyllis says:

    Love this!

  2. Emily Brostein says:

    A friend did one like this where everyone did a finger print and signed it. It got a little messy toward the end with the kids, but a cute idea.


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