Big Wedding, Small Budget

Our Ceremony, Unplugged

on September 20, 2012

Ever since I read on Offbeat Bride about an unplugged ceremony, I have wanted to have them. I’ve attended too many weddings where everyone is holding up cameras and cell phones during the ceremony, where the professional photos of the bride walking down the aisle show guests’ smartphones instead of their faces. I want people to really be present at our ceremony, to be part of it.

The reception is a different story. Having guests take pictures there is part of the fun, and we will probably set up a share site for people to upload their photos. With such a big wedding, there is no way our professional photographer can capture absolutely everything that is going on, and I’m excited to see our wedding from our friends’ perspectives.

We’ll probably put something about the unplugged wedding on our website, in the program, and we may have our officiant announce it at the beginning. I hope people won’t feel bossed-around or upset. We’ll be happy to share our professional photos of the ceremony.

Asking people to put down their electronics these days feels a bit subversive and heavy-handed. But I think it’s worth it. For me, the whole point of having a wedding is to get married, to make those promises, in front of our friends and family. Not in front of their IPhones.


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