Big Wedding, Small Budget


on October 15, 2012

A couple of months ago, I created our wedding website. I knew I wanted to have it done before the save-the-dates when out so we could provide the address to our guests. With so many people coming from out of town a wedsite is important to us for many reasons. Here is some of the information we’re including:

  • Wedding information: This way, if someone forgets the invitation and doesn’t know where they’re going, everything they need is right there.
  • Wedding weekend events: Once we have them planned, that is. 😉 We’ll put all of the information right there on the website so people won’t have to wait for their invitation to begin making plans for the weekend.
  • Accommodations: We have a hotel block and the information is right there. Additionally, we’ve recommended some other places for those guests that would like to stay closer to the wedding venue.
  • Things to do and Places to Eat: I’ve compiled a list of great non-theme park activities as well as our favorite restaurants. Since people who stay at our hotel will be pretty far away from the typical tourist corridor, we wanted to give them some guidance on what to do while they’re here. We hope people will be able to have fun and make this a mini-vacation of sorts, not just a chance to come to the wedding.
  • Registry information: I’ll probably be writing about the registry later (preview: I didn’t expect it to be such a loaded part of wedding planning). The website is a great way to list our registries, for those who want to buy gifts, as well as a way to encourage our guests to give donations to the local SPCA instead of buying wedding gifts.
  • RSVP: Once the invitations go out, we’ll be doing electronic RSVP’s via the wedsite. It’s a great way to direct people there so they can get all of the other information. It’s also more eco-friendly, and I love the instant gratification factor.

Besides these examples of concrete information, the wedsite serves another factor. With guests coming from all different places and all different backgrounds, chances are that something in our wedding will be new and different for everyone. Maybe they have never been to a Jewish wedding. Maybe they’re not sure of the dress code. Maybe they have never been to a casual, picnic wedding before. The wedsite helps us give guests a preview and set expectation. It will hopefully prevent shocked reactions to some of our more untraditional choices. As someone who loves checking out a restaurant’s menu before I go to eat there, I obviously love being prepared and knowing exactly what to expect. Having an informative wedding website lets us provide that to our guests are more like me.

Another benefit to having a pretty detailed wedsite is that we don’t have to include so much information in the invitation. We will be able to send out just one page, which will cut down on postage costs and be more environmentally friendly. Pretty much everyone on our guest list has internet, and we can just give the information to anyone who has difficulty accessing it.

And, people have actually been visiting it! I can track how many visits we’ve had, and we’ve been getting one every couple of days. It makes me feel like I’m interacting with our future guests, even though I don’t know who has visited. I’m so glad people have been looking at it, and I expect it to get a lot more traffic once everything is up there.



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