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Vendor Review – e.m. papers

on October 25, 2012

This is my very first vendor review. And that can mean only one thing—we got our invitation!

Well, sort of. We now have the digital file; I haven’t actually ordered it from the printer yet. But oh my god, the pdf is gorgeous!

Eleanor from e.m. papers was amazing to work with. She does printable invitations, where you order a digital file and can then print them at home, at a copy shop, or with an online printer. Because I needed some customized options (cutting invitations on my own is too DIY for me), I filled out a form on her website with the exact changes I wanted. I did that last night, and this morning, I received the invitation! It was so fast!

Although the design itself was set in the file, I was able to change all of the pertinent information and the wording. I played around with a couple versions, finally settling on one we really like. It really made me feel like this invitation was our own.

Not only was the e.m. papers process super easy and fast, the designs are AMAZING. Not just my own, I promise. But ours is so beautiful! I’ve been looking at it all day. Besides my engagement ring, this is the first tangible evidence I’ve had that the wedding is happening, and I’ve spent the whole day so excited. I’m so glad Eleanor made this process so easy and fun!

**This is not a paid post. I just want to pass on the experiences I’ve had with vendors, good and bad (although I hope it will be mostly good).


One response to “Vendor Review – e.m. papers

  1. That’s such a great way to do it! I designed our invitations (text only, they were very plain), and then had them printed by a local printers. SOOOOOO much cheaper than anything else I looked at, and the print quality was amazing.


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