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Wedding Themes

on November 19, 2012

Colors and themes are something all over the wedding world, from the Knot to Offbeat Bride. For more traditional weddings, the theme might be Old Hollywood. For the more offbeat, it might be Civil War or fairy themed. Just please, don’t have a Hunger Games themed wedding, for god’s sake.

For people really interested in styling their wedding, I guess a theme is helpful. It gives you a central idea to build around. It helps narrow down the millions of choices out there. And if you and your partner have a very specific hobby or passionate interest, it makes sense to share that with your guests.

Our theme is (drumroll, please)….getting married.

Yes, you heard right. The truth is, we don’t really have a theme. And sometimes this worries me. I mean, I tell people we’re having a picnic wedding, but does a normal picnic include a DJ and Italian food? No, I think not. I tell them we’re getting married on a farm, evoking images of rustic barn weddings. And we’re really not rustic. I mean, there will be no burlap or cowboy boots (at least, I won’t be wearing them).

Our website is totally different than our save-the-date, which is totally different than our invitation, which will probably be totally different than our place cards, program, and table numbers (which will not match each other). The wedding world tells me this will confuse our guests. Not having a unifying theme will be disruptive and jarring.

Sorry, but I have a little more faith in our guests than that. They know they’re coming to a wedding. What is there to be confused about? I mean, the décor in our house does not have a unifying theme (nor do all the paint colors flow together), yet somehow, people are still able to find the kitchen.

Our wedding is not a styled event. It will probably not be on the pages of a magazine (though I’d love for it to be in Offbeat Bride!). It’s a wedding. It’s an exchange of marriage vows followed by a party filled with some cool stuff that I’ve found, things that I think are pretty or fun. Hopefully, our guests will be too involved in celebrating to worry about the escort cards not matching the invitations, anyway.


One response to “Wedding Themes

  1. Steven says:

    Aw, man!! I was totally pulling for the Hunger Games theme!!!


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