Big Wedding, Small Budget

Four Months to Go!

on November 26, 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I spent it up north with my family in New Jersey. There was lots of talk about weddings, since one of my best friends and my cousin are both getting married next year also. It’s so interesting to hear what everyone is doing, especially when they are planning completely different weddings from mine.

While I was away, we hit the four month mark. Now, the planning lull is definitely over. I need to get these wheels in motion so we can start getting stuff done. When I think about all the different tasks on my to-do list, it’s pretty overwhelming, but I’m trying hard to stick to my schedule in order to keep everything manageable. I didn’t get everything from my October checklist done, so I really need to work harder to stay on top of things. I did get some exciting tasks completed, though! I ordered the invitations and they are sitting in a box in my house right now! I made most of the decision on dessert (see below for more). Also, as a bonus, I bought half of the wine for the wedding! We’re getting our red wine from a local winery that was having a special at their fall festival, so I scored a sweet deal. We just have to remember not to drink it before March 24!

Here’s what’s on the list for this month. As you can see, there are some leftovers from my last planning update:

  • Finish collecting and verifying addresses for the invitations: I did not even start doing this last month. And since we sent save-the-dates by email, I have quite a few addresses to collect. I really need to start gathering those and have Steve get his this week. There’s really no reason to put this off, and I’d like to check it off of my list, even though we’re not mailing invitations for more than another month.
  • Figure out and order/print return addresses: I’ve ruled out using a stamp (since I can never do it neatly) or printed envelopes (not worth the money). I still need to decide if we’re going to write the return addresses by hand, order labels, or print them ourselves. My mom will be addressing the envelopes, so it’s really up to her. Hopefully, in the next week, we’ll be starting to experiment and we can make a decision then.
  • Finish deciding and booking dessert: We’ve decided on a dessert. And I’m not revealing it here, but it will not be cake. I’ve already been in contact with the vendor we’re going to use, so I need to finalize that booking. And we also need to decide if we’re going to do a cake cutting with a small cake for tradition’s sake. Feedback?
  • Start writing the ceremony: I can’t believe I haven’t started this yet! I think it’s kind of like writing a paper; it’s hard to start, but once I do, it will go quickly. Even though we have plenty of time before the wedding, this is not something I want to be working on at the last minute. Plus, I’m assuming we will go through several drafts before it’s finished.
  • Plan wedding weekend events: We are planning on having an open house at our home the day before the wedding, and also having a no-host afterparty at a local bar after the reception. I need to start (and finalize) the details and add the events to our website. I want to have them on there before invitations go out, so this has got to get done this month.
  • Decide on flower (or not) for the wedding party and research prices: Right now, I’m actually starting to lean toward flowers for the wedding party (more on this next week), mostly for convenience’s sake. I think I know what I want to do, but I need to make a final decision, research online prices, and figure out the logistics of how this is going to work, whether we go with flowers or something else.

Wow; that is a lot! I really need to get on this stuff. Luckily, I will be in town for this whole month, hopefully without too much going on. Holidays eat up a lot of time, and we have Emily coming for winter break (plus some exciting wedding related stuff!), so I need to finish this list by December 24. By then, we’ll be in the double digit countdown, which is incredibly hard to believe!


One response to “Four Months to Go!

  1. I think it’s fun to cut *something* at the reception, but no need for it to be cake! Even if it’s truffles, you can feed them to each other. The point of the ritual is to give each other sweetness.


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