Big Wedding, Small Budget

Two Months Left!

on January 24, 2013

Wow. Two months left! I know I say this every month, but time is really flying by. This engagement has been really long, and mostly slow-moving, but it feels like we’re moving at lightning speed now! Lately, I’ve been expecting to hit the wall I’ve heard about from my friends, that point where I’m so tired of planning and just ready for it to be over. It hasn’t happened yet, so that’s good. There is so much to do, and checking things off of the list feels so good! Here’s what I finished from last month’s list:

  • Finalized dessert: I haven’t signed a contract yet, but we went for the tasting and booked the date. I’m so excited! Plus I get to do another tasting in about a month. Yum!
  • Write the ceremony: Last month, I was hoping to just make some progress with the ceremony. Instead, I finally stopped procrastinating and sat down to write it. It was a ton of hard work, but I’m really happy with the result. And last weekend, I was in Boston, so Ilana and I were able to sit down and go over it as well. It’s not completely finished, but it’s close enough for now. That one is a load off my mind!
  • Get the website ready: Was I really only working on this a month ago? Wow. It’s totally done!
  • Make a final decision on flowers: I’ve finished the research and with the help of my mom, I’ve found a seller. We got a really good price on exactly what I wanted, so yay!
  • Make a final decision on my ring: Done! I’m so glad I found something I really liked. Now I can’t wait to have it on my finger!
  • Stuff envelopes and mail invitations: A couple of hours in front of the TV and this was finished! Luckily, our invitation is only one page so it was pretty easy. Thanks, Mom, for addressing the envelopes!
  • Make a decision about the veil: I’ve decided to use my mom’s veil and I have a plan for how to wear it. When it gets closer, I’ll attach it to a comb and it’ll be sorted.
  • Book hotel room: I’m staying in the hotel from Friday to Sunday night (Steve will join me on Sunday). So that was just one more thing to take off the list.

And just because I was feeling extra motivated, I checked off a few other things, too:

  • Price and decide on centerpiece supplies: I’ve figured out what I want and where to buy it from; I’m just not sure how much, but that depends on the number of people so it has to wait.
  • Decide on tableware/glasses: I’ve done all the research I can on these items; just waiting for some more information from my mom.
  • Choose and buy escort cards: I had a Vistaprint
    Groupon that needed to be used, so I went ahead and order the escort cards. I love them!

I really did get a lot done this month. But there is so much more to do. This is the big push to finalize all of the little details. Here’s what’s on the list:

  • Order guest book: I already know which guest book I want. But I want to wait a little bit longer to order so I have a better idea of the number of guests. The artist I’m using is working from a waiting list though, so I can’t wait too long.
  • Schedule vendor meetings: I need to have final meeting/conferences with our photographer, caterer, DJ, and dessert supplier. I also need to gather up tableware and wine to drop off at the caterer’s when we have our meeting.
  • Have my first dress fitting: Eeek!
  • Decide on table linens: This is one of the wedding things I couldn’t care less about, so I’ll probably just leave this to my mom.
  • Buy bridal party gifts: I have a couple of ideas for gifts, but nothing I’m thrilled about, so I’m going to keep mulling this one over. But it needs to get done soon.
  • Shopping day: Due to my credit card statement timing, I have one day in February when I am planning to buy all of the things I’ve spent the past few months picking out. They are: accessories, his ring, my ring, the Ketubah, the kipot, the chuppah supplies (poles and hooks), and the flowers.
  • Finish planning open house: This is largely my parents’ project, but I still want to make sure everything is planned out so I don’t have to stress about it.
  • Make and print table numbers and programs: The programs are largely done, and the table numbers are planned out. As soon as I know how many tables we need, I can get this done.

It doesn’t really seem like that much when I write it here, but I know it will be super busy, especially since some of these items require meetings and appointments. I’ll also probably start working on next month’s list if I can. We’re really in the home stretch now!



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