Big Wedding, Small Budget

Is it March 24th yet?

on February 4, 2013

Things are a bit stressful in wedding world today. It’s starting to feel like do-or-die time on several projects I’ve been putting off. I forgot to do a fairly major wedding related task this weekend while I was busy having a life. I’ve been watching the RSVPs come in, which has been a roller coaster of extreme proportions (feeling excited people are coming/sad others aren’t coming/sad that the numbers will be smaller than we expected/relieved that the numbers will be smaller than we expected/stressed because c’mon people, RSVP already! all at the same time is exhausting). I have a couple of things I have not been able to take care of because there is no way to actually predict the final numbers. I’m waiting to hear back from a few vendors to set up final meetings. And the to-do list keeps growing.

So now, I think I’m starting to understand that feeling people get at the end, where they just want it to be done already. I hadn’t gotten to that point yet in all the planning; I had been enjoying myself. But now, most of the decisions are done (at least, the decisions that have any substance), and it’s just a question of doing things. And that’s where the wedding has started to feel like another job, of course just when my real job has gotten super busy.

So, I get it. As the wedding gets closer, and I get more excited, I also have been feeling more and more ready to just get to the actual day. To just get married already. To stop having to get things done, stop worrying about what the weather is going to be like, stop wondering who is coming. I just want to order the guest book and the table linens and meet with the caterer and be done. Be ready to celebrate.

But all is not lost, of course. Each check on the to-do list feels great; each time I finish something I get a little more excited. I have a mini-bachelorette this weekend which I am super excited about. And I know that time will fly by until the wedding.

This feels a lot like the end of the semester in college. I remember how we all used to freak out about finals and papers and packing; we would say to each other, “I just don’t know how I’m going to get it all done!” And someone would always respond, “But you will. You will get it all done because you have to. So don’t worry about how.” Wise advice from my Brandeis days that I will be carrying forward for the next seven weeks.


One response to “Is it March 24th yet?

  1. Carla says:

    Enjoy the stress. This is good stress unlike job related stress or sickness stress. “It’s all about you.” Have fun. If something is TOO STRESSFUL… my advice is to let it go. Move on. And, yes, with vendors… don’t be too shy. Those who have been around a long time.. feel like they are the experts.. ONLY YOU can be the EXPERT on YOUR WEDDING. Only you can make your vision a reality:)


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