Big Wedding, Small Budget

Mini Bachelorette Weekend

on February 11, 2013

I can’t lie; it’s been rough in wedding world lately. Although I’ve mostly enjoyed things, the process has just not been fun lately. In fact, I didn’t write a post at all last Thursday because I really couldn’t think of anything positive to say. As with any wedding, there is so much to do, and some things have been happening which definitely left me struggling a little bit emotionally. So, what better to do than have a mini-bachelorette celebration with two of my closest friends? This was a bright spot, for sure!

With so many of my close friends living out of state, it just became way too hard to plan a wedding related party that would take place over a weekend prior to the wedding. So the plan quickly changed to getting together the Friday night before the wedding. I am still super excited about this, and the chance to get all my friends together makes me almost happier than I can handle. But anyway, for now, my friends Mandy and Ali planned an amazing weekend for us.

Mandy and Ali kept the whole thing a total surprise for me, and truthfully, I did not even guess what we were going to do. This was a big stretch for me, not knowing anything, especially since I’m usually the organizer. So I practiced letting go; and maybe I grew a little as a person in the process? Actually, letting go of this was way easier than I ever expected, mostly because I completely trusted my friends to plan something awesome.

Ok, I’m sure at this point, you’re dying to know what we did, right? Or, if you’re on Facebook, you probably already know, but still…

We went drinking around the world at Epcot!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, half of Epcot Center consists of the World Showcase, where there are 11 different country pavilions. Drinking around the world traditionally means that you go in a circle, stopping at each country to have a drink there. Just to give you an idea, we drank glacier shots, schnapps, margaritas, sake, and much, much more. We had such a good time! We got silly with crazy ears, purple hair, tattoos, and a flashing bride-to-be pin. We stayed in an awesome hotel and went out for a great dinner afterwards. As a self-proclaimed Disney expert (having worked there and lived here for a long time), it was so cool to see the park from a different perspective and find all of these nooks and crannies that we never knew existed!

Seriously, guys, I have the best friends ever. It is a strange, but wonderful feeling, to have other people doing things just for me. This whole process has left me feeling really loved, and having a reminder of that, especially this weekend, was exactly what I needed. I leave you with a picture of the three of us, decked out in our bachelorette gear (please forgive the camera phone, nighttime quality).


One response to “Mini Bachelorette Weekend

  1. Mom says:

    Love, love, love!


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