Big Wedding, Small Budget

Single Digits

on March 15, 2013

Well, people, we have just nine days to go. I really can’t believe it. In this engagement, time went by so slowly, then sped up, then went slowly again. But the last month has absolutely flown by. Our first wedding guest is actually already here! And that’s just crazy.

As you may have noticed, I have been absolutely terrible about posting on this blog last week and this week. Things have been incredibly busy around here. People have been asking if I’m excited and the truth is, right now I’m just focused on getting things done. As we get closer, though, there have been more and more moments where I start to be really excited. Mostly, I think I’m trying to suppress my excitement until I can really enjoy it and not just be stressed out and overwhelmed with emotions.

Something about wedding planning that I never quite got were the “after-wedding blues.” I couldn’t really understand what people were talking about, because I was determined not to make this wedding the focus of my entire life. And I’ve been successful with that. I have a lot going on at work right now. I’ve spent mental and emotional energy pursuing new opportunities, changing things around, making plans for the summer. I have not defined my life by the wedding. But the wedding has certainly defined the last couple of weeks. And although I don’t expect to have a hard time shedding the identity of “bride” (especially since I’ve had a hard time picking it up to begin with), I do have this huge thing to look forward to. I’m especially looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family, since that is really the point of having a wedding vs. going to the courthouse. And then, they all go home. That special time with each other and the ones we love comes to a quick and abrupt end. So I do expect to be sad when it’s over.

I’m trying to be proactive to prevent the blues from lasting too long or going too deep. I definitely have big things to look forward to over the next couple of months. In June, we’ll have our annual beach weekend, my favorite two days of the year. In July, one of my best friends will get married. In August, one of my favorite cousins will get married. So there are reunions and happy times in the near future.

I’m also thinking about how I’ll spend my time once I’m done working on wedding stuff. I’ll be able to be more productive at work, which will be a blessing, especially since my caseload has doubled over the past two weeks. I’ll be able to read books that make me think instead of sticking to magazines. And, most importantly, I’ll be able to play video games again! I’m thinking about picking Skyrim back up or maybe buying Far Cry 3 as a post wedding gift for myself (any suggestions?).

On top of all that, Steve and I will be building our baby family and our marriage from the ground up. Even though our day-to-day lives won’t change, I expect some shifts in our relationship and I’m really excited to explore those and see where it takes us. Life is good now, and it will be good after the wedding. And, we can always look forward to getting the pictures!


2 responses to “Single Digits

  1. Good luck! Best wedding advice I got was to take some mental snapshots. The one of my wife as we were about to be pronounced is incredibly intense and amazing. And remember — it’s all about how you feel, so be present and enjoy the moment!


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