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I’m on vacation this week in Jupiter (Florida), so no new blog post, but I’ll be back soon! Hope you all are having a great week!

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Wedding Rings – Men’s

The current lull in wedding planning has enabled me to spend some serious time online window shopping. Today, I decided to look at men’s wedding rings. Who knew there were so many interesting ones out there? I used Ariel’s roundup in Offbeat Bride as my inspiration, and here’s what I found.

Spexton at Etsy

Let’s start with one of the more traditional rings. This ring has the inlay-type design that I seem to be obsessed with lately. I like the symbolism of the “bumps in the road” texture, too.

Amazon Curated Collection

I love the color in this ring. It looks like it glows! But I’m not in love with the way the inlay in set in a groove; I would like it to be more flush with the rest of the ring. I also wonder if it would just attract dirt?

Amazon Curated Collection

This inlay is more flush with the ring, although not completely smooth. I love the idea of leather—it’s so unique! This one just doesn’t “feel” quite like Steve, though.

TWG Sales at Amazon

This ring is made of Tungsten Carbide. I love how masculine it is, and how it’s pretty traditional, except for the twist of it being black.

Peora at Amazon

This ring is really interesting. I like the design; it’s fun to look it. It looks like it should spin or something, though, and it doesn’t. But it’s still a great ring, The mix of colors and textures is really appealing.

Jewelry by Johan at Etsy

This might be my favorite one so far. I’ve mentioned before that I loved wood rings, but I think having the wood as an inlay might make it more durable. And the colors of the titanium and wood together look beautiful.

Last but not least, I have to show you this ring that came up when I was searching for men’s wedding bands:


I’m just as big a Lord of the Rings fan as anyone, but why would you want the Ring of Power for your wedding ring? Simply put, it’s evil.

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Spring Break

I’m on Spring Break from school this week (yay!), so I will also be taking a short break from blogging. Never fear, I’ll be back next week with more posts. See you then!


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